Organic textiles

With the organic products we offer textiles made from natural fibers such as organic cotton, which come from sustainable plantations. Our partners pays special attention to an environmentally friendly, but also fair production of its products.

Green electricity from 100% renewable energy

Renewable energies not only conserve the use of limited raw materials, but also avoid the generation of radioactive waste products. For this reason, we exclusively purchase green electricity from 100% renewable energy sources for our production from the TÜV-certified energy supplier.

Plastic-free packaging

We use plastic-free packaging and glassine bags made of sustainable transparent paper, which we also ship in a climate-neutral manner.

Climate neutral shipping

Our parcel service provider provides climate-neutral shipping. Its environmental protection program ensures that greenhouse gases are offset by climate protection projects.


‘the VFX shop’ was founded in 2022 by visual effects artists in Munich, Germany.

Its goal is to provide you with merchandise and handy products to show off your passion for magical VFX making in- and outside of work!

We attach great importance to the sustainable and resource-saving production of our products. With our sustainable offer you contribute to the preservation of our earth and meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly products.